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Arthur and Julia. Wedding day: 01.10.2019
A BIG thanks goes out to the Royal Day wedding agency. The ceremony was very beautiful and well planned. We never thought that there is such a thing as a perfect wedding, but we honestly don’t know what to complain about... Everything was harmonious, thought through and perfectly timed. One can only imagine how much experience is needed to think through every little detail. You should really place your trust in hands of these professionals, they really know what they’re doing!

Daniel and Polina. Wedding day: 17.09.2019
I’ve read all of your reviews and I can only reconfirm the impressions made. We also booked the organization of our wedding with this agency and were not disappointed just one bit! They did not waste a minute of our time, but created a fantastic wedding ceremony! Everything was so great that I don't even know where to start the story! There's a storm of emotion in my head! I will start with the wedding preparations - the stylist arrived on time and made me a real princess (the hair lasted as long as 2 days). Daniel got also freshened up, then they made a light makeup, especially for the photoshoot. Royal Day selected a unique hotel for the wedding preparations, thus the photos and videos turned out super beautiful. The civil marriage part was exciting, everything went down perfectly. After the formalities, we went to a beautiful site not too far from the city, where everything was already prepared and waiting for our arrival (the transfer was also organized by the agency). We were greeted with a rain of confetti (thousands of shining silver stripes, the agency offered us a confetti machine – which we did not regret!) It was great, live music with a violin gave the celebration a very romantic touch. The entertainment program was a blast! All guests had a great time! At the end of the evening there was a performance of a show ballet – dancers in LED suits - very beautiful and memorable! To top it off, the grand finale was marked by big and beautiful fireworks! On the first wedding night we got a room with a jacuzzi, where we relaxed for the following 2 days! We’d like to thank the Royal Day Team for the wonderful organization!

Igor and Ksenya. Wedding day: 10.09.2019
Dear agency! We’d like to thank you for organizing our wedding celebration and the honeymoon trip! We’re confident that nobody else could have done the planning as precisely, as you have! This was unforgettable, you’re truly godsend. Thank you for all your support, understanding and professionalism. You’re the best! We’re soon going to tell you more about our honeymoon, but at this time we’d like to note that the hotel is simply one of a kind ☺ (and thanks a lot for your present!)

Greetings from the lovely Maldives ☺

Constantinos and Eugenia. Wedding day: 03.09.2019
Everything was great! Thank you very much! We’ll share your contacts with our friends – they will be having a celebration soon ☺

Egor and Catherine. Wedding day: 14.09.2018
We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone working in the wedding agency, and especially to Alena and Viktoriia, who were in touch with us the whole time! The celebration was organized flawlessly and the schedule was rich enough and nobody was bored. A special thanks goes out to our dance instructor, who was able to prepare for us – a couple who has never danced before – a gorgeous dance.

The florists and the decorators also did their job perfectly. There were lots of fresh flowers, so the room was filled with a pleasant scent. The DJ and the host made a wonderful combo – I can’t even find the right words! Their tandem was intriguing and fun and they also set the right mood. The music and the entertainment were world class! It’s such a relief that it’s now possible to have the hard work of organizing such big events be done by professionals… Wishing your team lots of success and many happy clients!

Tom and Eva. Wedding day: 13. 08.2018
The wedding ceremony was concluded to the highest degree of professionalism, starting from the bridal preparations, finishing off with fabulous fireworks! We spent the whole day like in a fairy tale, feeling like the Prince and Cinderella ☺ Shame we can’t go back to experience the day one more time, but we’re now waiting for the video to dive into that experience once again (we already go the first photos – very beautiful!). This being said, we express our gratitude to all the team of the Royal Day wedding agency. You’ve made everything just as we expected and even more, your dedication was definitely noticed and appreciated!

Daniel and Olga. Wedding day: 15.07.2018
13. 08. 2018
It’s great to have somebody by your side who is ready to lend a helping hand and someone the you can rely upon. Time was on a scarce side, so we decided to entrust the organization of everything related to our wedding to the Agency (the bachelor and hen party, the wedding ceremony itself and the honeymoon).

The offsite wedding ceremony was so touching; I couldn’t hold back the tears! Dani’s eyes were shining 🙂 Everything went down beautifully. The ceremony was fun, touching and romantic – all at the same time.

Just recently we received our wedding video and we were literally watching it with our mouths and eyes wide open – it looked like scenes from a real movie. We’re really happy with EVERYTHING! There was not a single downside we can think of. Guys, continue with the same spirit – you’re on a path to becoming a real success story!

Anthony and Christina. Wedding day: 02.07.2017
We would like to express our gratitude to the Royal Day Wedding Agency! The organization was transparent and contractually regulated. We also ordered our honeymoon trip here – it was simply unforgettable. Menton is one of a kind! Thank you for your gift and also for the wonderful holiday – it was better than we had dreamt. Thank You!

01.07. 2017
I’m writing this review for the gentlemen. Elena and I have been a couple since high school. We love each other since many years, she from time to time hinted at having a wedding. I also wanted to make this step, BUT I was afraid of actually making the proposal, because I wanted it to be a both romantic and memorable, and also to have it on video to keep this memory for a lifetime. By a coincidence I became aware that the wedding agency can support men who wanted to take that big step. The team has helped me both, morally and physically. Elena was astonished: she said that she’d dreamt of such a proposal all her life! And she said YES!!! Many thanks to Royal Day for making this happen! Have a nice day.

Constantinos and Yuliia. Wedding day: 18.06.2017
Good afternoon to all of you, who are preparing to get married! We’ve booked our turn-key wedding organization at the agency and were very pleased. Everything went smoothly with no complaints on our side. The team took care of all the things we had absolutely no knowledge how to handle. They advised us on style, make up and hair, pre-selected a number of beautiful venues for us to choose from, prepared the whole entertainment program including a life musician and we even booked a magician 🙂 The grand finale was fantastic and touched the guests to tears! We had lots of fun and felt like in a dream. Therefore we’d like to say: A BIG THANK YOU!

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