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1. How much does a wedding cost?

The price of a Wedding Celebration depends on many different factors. You need to be aware of exactly what you want and how you see it. It is necessary to take into account the number of invited guests, the level and exclusivity of the celebration venue as well as the desired entertainment program. It is important to consider the transportation costs for the guests as well as for the young couple. The popular offsite marriage also affects the cost, because it is necessary not only to deliver guests and newlyweds to the appointed place, but also to conduct thorough preparation of decorations. Thanks to the many years of experience on organizing weddings of different levels of sophistication, desires and budgets, we can openly say that there is a certain base or average cost for the event. Thereafter, it all depends on the number of invited guests and the specifics of each particular Wedding, taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds. Based on these main factors, we have developed individual programs for wedding events. This enables us to adapt to any budget, while creating unique and memorable celebrations.

2. Is a wedding organized through an agency more expensive?

The wedding will cost the not more than your budget for the celebration. Initially, the specifics and discussed at the first meeting. Further matters are resolved by our specialists and transparently communicated to the clients. Thanks to the many years of experience, we have formed a large database of reliable partners from the service and entertainment industry. Through this, we are able to negotiate prices that are often even lower that the ones if you would have approached the specialists yourself directly. The quality of the provided services has also been verified by us, therefore we cooperate only with reliable specialists who receive positive feedback from our customers. Nonetheless, if you so desire, part of the services can be ordered by yourselves: whether it is your favorite host, a befriended band or your favorite restaurant. It is not necessary to order a full list of services from the agency.

3. Where does the wedding preparation begin?

First of all, you need to know how much you plan to spend on the wedding organization. Then you need to discuss and take into account the basic wishes of the young, listen to the advice of our experts. Because our goal is to create for you a unique and unforgettable celebration, then the correct distribution of the budget is the main task. Based on all this, we already select the appropriate options. We are well aware where, if necessary, you can save money and what you should pay attention to first of all in order to create a unique and unforgettable celebration. Thanks to us, you can organize a wedding ceremony without worrying that the funds will not be spent rationally. And, at the same time, you can still save money without wasting money on unnecessary services.

4. Why should you hire a wedding agency instead of doing the planning yourself? Without any doubt you have all the means to organize the wedding yourself. However, we all understand how time consuming and complex this process is. Moreover, it’s bound with constant anxiety for the entire period of wedding preparation. Due to this, it can be difficult to really feel the joy and fully experience the pleasure and romance of the pre-wedding period. On the other hand, by hiring a wedding agency, you receive confidence that everything will be done according to plan. Thus, this seemingly complex process suddenly turns into a joyful anticipation of this important event. Especially so, when you now that our wedding agency guarantees a splendid result! All this is possible thanks to our experience, responsible approach in everything we do and passion for our work.

5. What does the cost of the wedding agency service entail?

The costs for the services provided by the wedding agency are transparently written in the contract. There are many cost items, that we will jointly discuss and select the optimal option. In order for you to roughly estimate the budget, we created some stock programs for you. They reflect the approximate cost of the Wedding Event, taking into account outlined general requirements. By starting off the groundwork in this manner, it’s much easier for both the customer and the specialists to find common ground. Once the details were specified, you can be rest assured that everything will be concluded just as it was agreed.

Useful tips

Dream Wedding: Top-15 tips for organizing an unforgettable event.

The Wedding is truly one of the most unforgettable, exciting and fabulous events in life of a couple. To ensure this, it is necessary to carefully think over and plan many details, even those that at first seem to be rather insignificant do matter. Ideally, you outsource this complex process to professionals, who will take into account all the specific wishes of the bride and the groom, while guiding them through the whole process of the preparation, walking them step by step through all the stages of this journey while making sure that nothing gets lost out of sight or forgotten.

Where to begin?

The wedding preparation is an exciting, but a complex and toilsome process. We’re talking

not only about the time spent on the organization of the celebration, but also about the number of nerve cells that will suffer if you don’t secure the helpful hand of an experienced specialist beforehand. If you decide to cope with all the tedious matters yourself, there is a great risk of not reaching the goal, being left face-to-face with difficulties that are not that simple to overcome on your own. Working hand-in-hand with professionals protects you against 99% of all possible problems while also serving as a relief of numerous organizational issues.

Nevertheless, even this doesn’t fully remove your own responsibility. A competent wedding planner will provide careful guidance while preventing many possible problems, however how exactly the wedding ceremony will turn out highly depends in the couple themselves – their ideas and desires. Therefore, prepare to be armed with patience and a positive attitude, for careful planning of each and every nuance of the wedding ensures that the celebration will be absolutely wonderful.

You can do a lot of work regarding the organization of the wedding on your own, take all the burden of the preparation on yourself, but with the risk of eventually not achieving the desired result. Thus, you would have spent a huge amount of time and nerves in course of the process, but not having any positive emotions left from the actual wedding ceremony, at it wouldn’t have been the one you had dreamed to be.

So why not entrust this process to professionals who know firsthand all the details of organizing a perfect wedding, having made hundreds of couples happy? Our wedding agency is ready to provide you with a full scope of services and to support you at each stage of the planning process (see more details below). We listen carefully to each of our customers. You won’t need to run around in search of various specialists, think over the details related to the style and concept of your wedding or other nuances - we will do everything for you, while you’ll be enjoying a truly fabulous result!

1. Selecting the date of the wedding ceremony

Perhaps this is the first and the most important step the couple will face. As a rule, the most popular months for the wedding celebration are considered to be August and September. Therefore, you may face the challenge of booking the desired celebration venue and even the appointment at the civil registry office. While we know of ways to help, we recommend selecting the wedding ceremony date well in advance – et least six months before the event.

2. Choosing the right setting

As a rule, the wedding setting directly depends on the number of guests invited to attend the celebration. You can generally distinguish between the following:

* Offsite ceremony. The special thing about this setting is that it takes place outdoors. In a beautiful and a picturesque place, while the duration is short in time. Only the dearest people are invited: relatives and close friends. A fairy tale like wedding ceremony, catering, pleasant music playing in the background and an interesting entertainment program create a unique atmosphere of coziness, tenderness and magic.

* Family ceremony. Similar to the above, the dearest and closest people are invited to attend, however the setting is more classical: following the registry office, the newlyweds and the guests relocate to a beautiful restaurant or a banquet hall, sharing these beautiful moments with the closes ones.

* Grand wedding. As a rule, not only relatives and friends are invited, but also work colleagues and other people whom the bride and groom want to see at their wedding celebration. The program of such an event is rich, interesting, vibrant, and the venue of the ceremony is magnificent and beautiful.

3. Selecting the wedding planner

Another important step is to choose the right wedding planner. In order to understand whether the wedding organizer is right for you, a personal meeting is of utmost importance. Tell about your ideas with regards to how the wedding should look like, about your vision, needs and desires. An experienced wedding planner will carefully listen, take notes and come up with several options, tailored to your personal wishes. As a result, the wedding planner should meet the client’s expectations, or even exceed them to some extent.

4. Selecting the wedding venue

When choosing the perfect venue, you should take note of its location as well as on the availability of parking spaces. These two points are key, because the comfort of getting there is indeed important.

It’s also important to take note of all the specifics of your selected venue, while taking into account even the smallest nuances. Some may unpleasantly surprise you, if not taken into account in advance, while the venue manager may not find it necessary to mention a downside. Therefore, before confirming the booking, make sure to study the offer in details, read the reviews and visit it in person. This will help to avoid unpleasant incidents that may come up during the celebration. A wedding planner will provide you with qualified support in this matter by analyzing appropriate venues and provide you with a shortlist to select the most favorable one, based on the concept of a wedding. You should also note to place the reservation well in advance. Moreover, in several locations, it is advisable to reserve a backup venue in case if any unforeseen circumstances arise.

5. Style and Concept of the wedding ceremony

Without a doubt, this is the most difficult moment in the organization of the celebration, which requires great attention and responsibility. You can draw inspirations from everywhere: magazines, films, or from your own head. In addition, you can trust the wedding planner to help you develop the most optimal, unique and unforgettable concept, while combining and putting all your ideas together. After that, the specialists will be able to form a certain vision of your wedding, which will include the design of the venue, and an approximate budget that you can rely on, as well as the wedding ceremony program.

6. Defining the decorations and the unique theme of the wedding ceremony.

The most important thing to define a unified theme for the celebration. Thankfully, today we have numerous options to choose from, meaning there is room for exploration. You can combine several styles into a personalized theme, which will add the extra something and will underline your exclusivity. It is also necessary to determine the color palette - will it be a classic gamut of colors or something more vibrant and unusual?

7. Wedding ceremony schedule and selection of the wedding host

In fact, the way the ceremony is going to be organized, highly depends on your preferences. Shall there be lots of humor, or would we swing towards tranquility and romantic nuances? Individual approach in conjunction with our creativity is the key combination that will help to make the celebration a special and memorable one. An experienced wedding planner will lend a helping hand and help you to select the right host and program based on your desires.

8. Photographer and videographer

The selection of the photographer and the videographer is one of the most exciting moments, because it is them who will capture the inimitable story of your wedding. We offer to organize a meeting with several professionals so that you can get to know them better, review their portfolios and discuss any details. As an added bonus, the created video love story that may include clips as well as photos will allow you to plunge into the one-of-a-time atmosphere of your wedding day even in years’ time. However, keep in mind that the services of a photographer and videographer shall be booked well in advance, because true professionals are hard to get as they get booked out swiftly.

9. The budget

The wedding budget is made of many instances, starting from the price of the selected venue all the way through the services of the host of your liking. An approximate budget can be formed after the client together with the wedding planner determine the concept of the celebration. Even if the couple does not have Even if the client does have a limited budget, an experienced specialist will find a way to select most optimal options for the celebration to stand out.

10. Creativity

We’re all down to spicing up the celebration with your creative input. A wedding dance, a love song performance, a short movie illustrating your love story – this adds this little extra to the celebration and makes it even more intimate. While the choice of the creative part is yours to make, we offer a selection of specialists, who can help you bring your most extravagant ideas to life.

11. Wedding ceremony rehearsal

A day prior to the ceremony, we organize a rehearsal to make sure that all the important nuances are properly worked out. Perfection lies in the details, therefore one needs to pay attention to all the little nuances to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

12. Organizational moments

A week prior to your wedding day is time to define all the organizational moments. This includes the seating arrangements for the guests as well as all other topics on the wedding day schedule. By clearly planning the day and letting the professionals take lead of the organizational aspects, you will be sure that unfortunate unforeseen happenings and related turmoil are avoided.

13. Stag and Bachelorette Party.

A pre-wedding celebration in the company of best friends allows you to relax and sets a special mood! This is a great occasion to chat in a relaxed atmosphere and relax on an emotional level before one of the most important events of your life. These parties can be very intense and fulfilling and will remain in the memory for a long time.

14. The Wedding Day

The most important thing on your wedding day is keep a positive attitude! Staying positive will help to overcome any (emotional) difficulties, and even the unforeseen circumstances that may arise will turn into a pleasant adventure. Your wedding planner will be there right by your side as a true friend and will do everything possible that the wedding celebration is as perfect as it can get.

15. Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the most pleasant and romantic event for the newlyweds. It’s an excellent remedy to recharge for all the preparation stress and an opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with the significant other. Tip: plan to go on a trip no later than 2 days after the wedding ceremony - this will give add towards the overall special experience.

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful. Get in touch with us, our team will turn your wedding celebration into a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience!